31 Life Lessons for you on my 31st Birthday

Earlier this week was my 31st birthday! I had a lovely day filled with surprises, my lovely family, a meal that I didn’t make, and calls, texts, and social media shout-outs from friends and family near and far.

With the launch of my blog, I wanted to share some of the life lessons I am learning and try to live by. Folks, wisdom is our friend and we can learn a lot from and be encouraged by some of these universal truths. So here goes!

  1. Take every opportunity to kick fear out of your life.
  2. Stop comparison in its tracks (in your mind is where it starts).
  3. Love others (and yourself) where they are in the journey.
  4. Learn from your hard seasons of life.
  5. God is real, so real.
  6. Children are gold mines of hilarity, wisdom, and ninja- farting power.
  7. Smile, it helps.
  8. Always do your best.
  9. Listen to your gut (pun intended).
  10. Believe the best.
  11. Limit excessive exposure to useless information.
  12. Reach out, reach up and at times reach in.
  13. Just try, you might surprise yourself.
  14. Find your tribe, they will give you life.
  15. Speak the best, not the worst.
  16. Pursue greater purpose.
  17. Prayer works.
  18. Perfectionism is overrated.
  19. Learn to enjoy the journey to the destination.
  20. True friends will stand by you on your worst days.
  21. Don’t be afraid to stand out.
  22. Some people are meanies, and that is their problem.
  23. Follow the way of wisdom, it won’t fail you.
  24. Enjoy nature.
  25. Travel often.
  26. Taste new foods.
  27. Let love guide you.
  28. Give thanks continually.
  29. Let your heart feel what it needs to feel.
  30. Don’t apologize for who you are.
  31. On your birthday give away from yourself #sharingiscaring

What are your favorite words of wisdom?

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