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Maybe you’ve heard the name or perhaps even seen the pics on Instagram, Rae Dunn pottery is the cutest, simplest style of home ceramics, and it is taking the world by storm. Ok, I exaggerate just a tad, but they are for sure the thing right now and are growing more and more in popularity! Collectors are being birthed every day and you’ll be lucky if you can get your hands on these yourself!

When I worked at a local shop that sold Rae Dunn, these ceramics would not stay on the shelves! People would literally call in and ask if we had any in stock. We weren’t able to hold these items, not even for ourselves as an employee, and when we did get them, they would be gone by my next shift! Customers would come in and clear the whole inventory! And not even feel bad about it! Locals have rallied together to form a groups where people look out for one another and will purchase for each other, hence clearing a shelf.


They are so simple, that some love it and some hate it. However they do make great gifts. I have one mug, with the word blessed it, and of all the mugs in the house, that is the one everyone wants to use, even guests! So I now know what to buy them for Christmas!

So let’s get to it!!

The Who 

Rae Dunn, the artist behind the brand, is a California resident that has been creating for over twenty years. She started out as a graphic and fashion designer who later became a clay artists. Rae’s inspiration comes from a Japanese tradition called wabi-sabi, where design embraces imperfection, simplicity and the journey.

The What

Rae Dunn’s pottery is handmade and consist of mugs, plates, bowls, canisters, planters, pet dishes, and the list goes on and on! The ceramics often contain one word or sometimes a phrase that is

  1. Positive: joy, dream, dream
  2. Instructive: drink up, sip, gulp
  3. Trendy: I can’t even
  4. Seasonal: bah humbug

Some items contain single images of animals or plants. Those seem to be rare but they are out there 🙂

The Where

So where can you buy these beauties? Like anything ever worth purchasing, you can get on Amazon. If you prefer to shop in stores, currently, you can find the brand at your local TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Home Goods. If you are on a budget, this is the best place to shop Rae Dunn. Mugs are around $4.99 and you won’t have to worry about shipping the items breaking. However [you’ve been warned!], many collectors and resellers are hitting up these spots and not leaving anything for the casual buyer! But with some strategy you may find yourself lucky enough to get your hands on an item. Items can also be found on eBay.


The Why

I actually don’t have the answer to that! HOWEVER, my educated guess would have to do with the following two things.

  1. The mantra trends that have been taking off over the last couple of years (you know all the word art and positive sayings) are here to stay.
  2. The simplicity and childlikeness of the design, almost meet that longing inside of us as a culture. With everything in our culture today being so busy and complicated is refreshing to know that beauty can be found in the simple, ordinary and imperfect.

So there you have it – the who, what, where, and why of Rae Dunn ceramics. Happy hunting! And if you come across these, I would like them for Christmas please 🙂

Do you have any Rae Dunn pieces? What do you love about it? Not gonna lie, I may be on the verge of turning into a collector myself! 

5 thoughts on “Rae Dunn Mugs and Other Ceramics – The Craze Explained

  1. I never knew these were Rae Dunn designs. I have seen them everywhere I guess it is popular because of the simplicity of the designs!

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