Birth Story: My {Crazy} Precipitous Labor

She’s here!! It’s funny how you feel pregnant for FOREVER and then in an instant it’s like pregnancy never happened! I bet you’re wondering what I named her?! As you may recall from my previous post, we struggled a bit to agree on a name. If so, I’m pleased to report we finally did agree on a name but you’ll have to wait until I get to that part in the story 🙂 or just scroll to bottom, haha.

So delivery… was something! However, being that this was #4, I knew what to expect and more specifically how to PRAY! I had a sneaking suspicion that this little one would come fast (my third came 20 minutes after my water broke!); so much so that I even asked my midwife what to do if the baby was coming and we were in the car on the way to the hospital. She calmly said, “Just deliver the baby, have your husband remove the cord if it’s around the baby’s neck, put the baby under your shirt and keep driving to the hospital.” Such things do not happen calmly!! Thank God, we did not have to play out this scenario, but we were CLOSE to it!

Precipitous Birth Story

You may be wondering what a precipitous labor is. I certainly never heard of it until the nurses used it to describe what had just happened! A precipitous labor is basically a super duper fast labor and delivery (baby born within 3 hours of regular contractions).

In my case, my labor and delivery may not be a true precipitous birth, but from the hospitals perspective it certainly was. My contractions began somewhere in the early morning. Maybe around 2am I stated to notice some cramping and by 6/7 am or so it began to feel the wave of regular contractions.

Oddly enough, I had my 39 week appointment scheduled later that morning. Once they opened after 8am, I was pretty sure that I was having contractions, although I had not started to time them. The doctors said that I should come in, they could check me out, and then take it from there.

Welp, from there on out, I started timing the contractions and sure enough the were pretty regular and about 3-4 mins apart. The app event let me know that I should head to hospital and that I was in true labor! Why thank you smart phone! I admit that I kinda shrugged it off because labor just started in my mind.

Thank goodness I convinced my husband to drive me to my doc appointment and to pack the hospital bags just in case. I was about 5 days out from my due date and were really believing {hoping} that this one would be right on time or a little late, but obviously we don’t decide these things!

At the doctors appointment, they did a check and I was at 2cm dialated, then a stress test and then an ultrasound. All while I’m having pretty consistent and strong contractions. I was there for about 2 hours when it was all said and done and then I was told to go to the hospital. About part way through the whole ordeal, I had come to the same conclusion!

So we dropped the kids off at a friend’s house (they were chillen’ in the car the whole time with Hubby, but they got to have Chick-Fil-A for breakfast so don’t feel too bad!) and drove to the hospital.

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting!

We arrived at the hospital a little after 12pm. We decided on the spot to go to the nearest hospital instead of the one about 45/50 minutes away. The draw to the latter was that I would have a midwife to assists in delivery which can be a better experience when aiming for a more natural birth. I was really looking to try the experience. However, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. AND I’M GLAD I DID.

I was wheeled up to the maternity floor and wouldn’t you know that as soon as we stopped in the room I would labor in, my water broke! That was at 12:15pm {Side note: if you’ve ever thought me to be a detailed person (which I am) or sharing TMI, here’s where that ends, as bodily fluids and the like make me very queasy so’ll spare you the details.} But yea, that happened and that’s where I began to freak out for a moment.

I verbally announced or should I say alerted the nurse that was with us, that my pervious baby was born within 20 minutes of my water breaking. I’m not sure if she took me seriously or not but I was at least doing my part! Come to find out she was not even a labor and delivery nurse, she was just filling in for a few! What a day that must have been for her!

Fast Forward

What happened next was kind of a blur because baby was born at 12:45pm! I remember contractions, lots of scrambling, a doc being prepped to deliver the baby that wasn’t my doc, but then my doctor (who wasn’t my doctor but was filling in for my doctor) making it there just in time, pushing and done! IT WAS SO FAST!! I din’t even get changed into the hospital gown; they barely got the IV connected. Needless to say the nurses and doc got the job done!

It was nice to have a fast (precipitous) labor and be done quickly but it was intense. What normally happens in 10-12 hours happened in about half that time possibly even less than that. Right after my water broke they were able to check me and I was at 5cm dilated. So that means I went from 5 to 10 cm in less than 30minutes!

The baby needed a little bit of oxygen as soon as she came out so I actually didn’t even get to meet her until near 6pm. That was hard and somewhat disappointing not to be able to breastfeed during the golden hour (time directly following birth). The pediatrician explained that the scenario was not uncommon for fast births. What happened was the baby swallowed a bit of fluid as she was coming out and it got into her lungs. The oxygen was to try to get her levels back to normal. After a few hours she was doing fine and I was finally able to hold our little bundle!

So here she is:

picture of newborn baby girl in hospital
Hello Baby Girl!


mom with newborn baby in hospital
Me holding my little one 🙂


Letterboard with details on newborn birth stats
Newborn stats!


Nice and snug!


Don’t I have cool hair?!

I am so thankful the Lord heard my prayer and she wasn’t born in the car! Although my birth plan never made it out of my bag, I’m also glad to have this be my third VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) and my second natural delivery – no pain meds and no induction. I’m even more grateful that she is healthy and doing well despite how it all played out. Children are such a blessing, hard work {even from the moment they are making their appearance into the world} but so worth it! 💕





Would you rather have a fast and intense labor and delivery or a slow and steady one?

8 thoughts on “Birth Story: My {Crazy} Precipitous Labor

  1. She is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!
    I completely agree, it’s nice to have the labor over with, but all that happening in such a short time is INTENSE. I’ve had 4 labors and the one that was “best” was the one that was about 6 hrs long.
    My shortest (precipitous) labor was 98 minutes long. He’s 4 now and I’m still recovering, ha!!
    (here’s that story if you’re interested: )

    1. Thank you!

      Just read your birth story and oh my goodness!!! What a close call and so many similarities, haha! Fast labors are no joke!

  2. Congrats! She is beautiful! I love the name(my friends little girl is Serena Rae). What an crazy exciting birth story! Curious what child did you have a c-section with?

  3. Congrats, Tisha! What a beautiful story and little girl! I personally would prefer a fast and intense delivery (which I’ve experienced the most with all my births) than a long drug out one. I’m sure you’re just so excited to hold her in your arms now!
    One thing I don’t understand is how you preferred to have her after your due date!? I get so impatient and always want to go early! lol

    1. This was a special case, lol! I was hoping to have another early July baby as two other kiddos have a b-days then! Also still had some stuff to get done around the house!! But God knows when is best 🙂

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