The Doona Carseat {Ultimate} Review

The Doona Carseat is a rear facing infant carseat that easily converts to a stroller with the push of a button. This makes transport not only easy but a joy! Such innovation comes with a bit of a heavier price tag than other carseats on the market. So is the Doona Carseat worth the splurge?

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About the Doona Carseat

The Doona infant carseat and stroller was designed to solve a problem: how can the agonizing pain of carseat and stroller use and gear use be reduced. This problem was solved by parents who were determined to find a solution. The Doona was soon born. This convertable carseat was the first of its kind to enter the market. The Doona is able to convert into a stroller without adding any extra parts. Simple push the lever and the stroller wheels are release for pushing the carseat around.

It’s no surprise that since hitting the European market in 2014 and The Doona carseat and stroller system has won all kinds of awards for its design and innovation.

Did you know?
In Britain a stroller is referred to as a pram

Doona Carseat Reviews

Out of 5 stars, the Doona rates the following:

Google 4.8 (out of 497 reviews)

Amazon 4.7 (out of 167, Doona official seller)

BuyBuy Baby 4.8 (out of 94 reviews)

Doona Carseat Features:

  • 5-point harness to keep baby secure
  • Easy to convert from stroller to carseat and vice versa
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • One-touch brake to keep stroller wheels in place
  • Easy to clean and removable fabric
  • Certified for air travel
  • Trendy colors (such as Racing Green, Nitro Black, and Blush Pink)


What comes with the Doona carseat?

When purchasing on Amazon from the verified Doona seller, you can expect to receive:

  • Doona Infant Car Seat
  • Doona Bamboo Infant Insert
  • Doona Bamboo Head Support
  • Doona Vehicle Seat Protector
  • Doona Base

Is the Doona Carseat worth the money?

The Doona car seat retails for about $499. Depending on other carseat/ stroller combos you are looking at, the Doona could be $200-$300 extra. The higher price range of the Doona over other carseats is almost the price of 2 more carseat/ stroller system, however for the extra price, there is tremendous value added. The Doona is one item that switches between a carseat and a stroller, while of other travel systems contain two items (stroller and carseat). Forget the stroller at home and you are left to carry the car seat on your arm. With a baby that can weigh up to 35 pounds in a bucket carseat, that amounts to at least 40 pounds that you are carrying around.

With such a high cost, the Doona may be out of reach for some. Or if you are like me, you just don’t like paying full price for anything! Whatever the case may be, here are some tips to save money on buying the Doona:

  • Create/add to your baby registry in hopes to get as a gift
  • Create/add to your Amazon registry and get 15% as part of your completion discount
  • Buy used (you’ll want to make sure the seat won’t be expiring soon and has not been an accident)
  • Trade in your old carseat for a discount or gift card to use towards the purchase
  • Sell your old carseat (as long as it is accident free and not past the expiration date)

Are Doona Carseats safe?

The Doona carseat is compliant with US regulations FMVSS 213 making it as safe as any carseat on the market. In terms of ensuring proper use and safety while installing the carseat, the one-click vehicle installation offers parents and caregivers peace of mind. There is a level indicator on the side of the seat to ensure the seat is at the proper angle and positioning. Blue belt locking clips keep the seat belt tight and secure within base or on seat when in use without the base. LATCH connector system facilitates quick and simple installation and easy release. Lastly when the carseat is properly placed into the base, you will hear a click as the seat snaps into proper position.

Can the Doona be used for premies and newborns?

Yes! The carseat and stroller can be used for babies as small as 4 pounds. The Doona™ Infant Insert and Doona™ Head Support make it safe and comfortable for transport by supporting their posture while traveling. The added support will keep newborns and premies safe and snug while riding in the Doona.

How long can my baby use the Doona?

The short answer is as long as your baby fits in it (until your baby reaches 35 pounds or 32 inches long). The time it takes your baby to get to that point will vary infant to infant. When doing my research, I found that the consensus was about 9 months or so. HOWEVER, smaller babies will be able to use the carseat longer while bigger babies may use it less than that amount of time.

What’s with the name?

“Doona” is the nickname of the founder’s daughter, Danielle.

My Personal Experience with the Doona

I recently had my 4th child and of all the things I needed (mostly everything since we gave so much away after our third), I knew The Doona carseat was one of my must have items.

I distinctly remember the pain of lugging around the carseat. Sore arms, limping along as the seat grew heavier and heavier as baby grew. Also having to purchase and lug around another “smaller stroller” just for the carseat as the travel system stroller was huge. Forgetting these strollers at home or not having enough space in the trunk to bring them along.

doona carseat at park

I remember even thinking and telling several friends, “It would be awesome if this thing [the carseat] had wheels with the push of a button.”

An instant stroller if you will.

Little did I know such thing would exist one day. A good friend of mine put the bug in my ear when her sisters chipped in to get her the Doona. She lived in NYC and loved the carseat and how easily she could get around with it. A carseat with wheels?? You can imagine how quick I was sold on it!

At the time of the post, I have been using the Doona carseat for about 8 weeks and I COULD NOT LOVE A SINGLE BABY GEAR ITEM MORE!

doona carseat on hayride

Awesome is simply an understatement! The other day I took the Doona onto a hayride while at a field trip for my pre-schooler! I don’t know about you but I have not seen a stroller ride a hayride! There was no way I would have even tried to hold a 3 year old and a 3 month old on a bumpy hayride. My little one was able to sleep through the ride while in the stroller secured with a five point harness! I snapped the pic above on the ride back and she was able to enjoy the views with us 😉

What I Love

Easy Maneuvering. The wheels on the Doona are super slick! I can steer this thing with one hand. Whether opening a door and steering or holding a toddler hand while steering, with one hand I have full control over the stroller.

Adjustable Handle. Part of what makes converting the carseat to the stroller easy is the adjustable handle. I also like being able to adjust the handle while using the carseat as a stroller. It has two heights, normal and low. The low height is great for small kids and toddlers to be able to push the stroller comfortably. It is also a nice height for sitting next to the stroller. Rather than put the seat all the way down to the ground, you can keep the wheels out. It fits nicely at a table at a restaurant too (see how the Doona saved our anniversary dinner).

Doona carseat with infant

Compact Size. The stroller side of the Doona is basically a carseat with wheels. It is so compact as a stroller! When pushing the stroller, I don’t feel like I’m making a grand entrance. This is especially nice where I want to be low key with a stroller indoors like church, restaurants, meetings, etc.

Travel with less stuff. We all know that babies travel with so much stuff! Travel with one less item when you have the Doona carseat. Travel with no extra gear when going to the park or on a quick errand.

Doona carseat

Safety guard around harness clip. The 5 point harness that most carseats have, keep babies secure while being transported, but the Doona takes it a step farther. There is a cushioned safety guard around the bottom part of the clip that prevents the clip part of the harness from rubbing against baby. This is awesome in that it prevents your from accidentally pinching babies skin and hot metal from touching them in the summer.

Minor Annoyances

This carseat is heavier than typical carseats. The Doona weighs in at 16.5 pounds. Compared to the Graco Click Connect which weighs in around 7.5 pounds. When you have to lift the carseat out of the car or up into the car once converted from a stroller, you will feel the weight difference. HOWEVER, you will only experience this in those brief moments or the occasional staircase climbing/ descent. The other 98% of the time, you will be strolling along effortlessly. Most places are accessible these days with either a ramp or an elevator to use.

Wheels not easily clicking back into place when folding down. Wheels need to be facing the right direction when folding back down to a carseat. If they are not aligned correctly, when you go to fold down the wheels, they will not click into place. It took me a minute to figure out why sometimes the wheels would click right away and why sometimes they wouldn’t. To solve this problem, I make sure that the stroller wheels are in the normal direction (direction they are in if your were pushing stroller) before folding down. You can also just turn the wheel once you notice it not clicking.

Doona Car Seat Accessories

doona snap-on storage bag

Snap on storage – Storage bag that snaps on to rear of carseat

Doona carseat extension sun shade

Doona Sunshade Extension – Use for complete shade from sun over baby. Can be used in vehicle as well.

Doona carseat insect net

Doona Insect Net – Protect your baby from bugs and insects while out and about

Doona carseat rain cover

Doona Rain Cover – waterproof your baby and stroller when traveling in wet weather

Doona carseat wheel cover

Doona Wheel Covers – prevent stains and dirt from accumulating on seat upholstery

Doona carseat snap on diaper bag

Essentials Day Bag – Use as a diaper bag, snaps on to handle of stroller

Doona carseat seat protector

Doona Vehicle Seat Protector – prevent stains and dirt from accumulating on seat upholstery

Concluding Thoughts on the Doona

So is the Donna Carseat worth the splurge?

If you ask me, I say a thousand times, “YES it is!”

This pram makes traveling to and from the car a breeze. In one simple maneuver, go from carseat to stroller or stroller to carseat when getting baby in and out of your vehicle. Travel light with all you need with the Doona!


Have you heard of or used the Doona carseat? Would you recommend it?

45 thoughts on “The Doona Carseat {Ultimate} Review

  1. Wow, I honestly wish I had this when my youngest was little. I was into running then and needed a stroller to keep out the rain and insects!

  2. Ah now that is a great invention. This is a perfect baby shower gift for family, and I have one to go to in November.

  3. A friend of mine bought this carseat and it is amazing! Super convenient and easy for getting the baby around. I went for a Graco, because we needed a jogging carseat, but this is really a great option for folks who live in town!

  4. Great review. This carseat sounds perfect. I’ll pass your post on to my daughter in law who just had a baby! Thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s amazing how versatile this car seat is and how with it you don’t need any extra items. This is all you need for your new baby.

  6. Where was this carseat when my kids were babies? I had my last baby 2 and 1/2 years ago. This carseat would have made my life so much easier. I hated packing a stroller everywhere we went. This is a genius carseat and a great space saver! I definitely think it would be the worth the money!

  7. I took my eleven-month-old granddaughter with my hubby and me to the ER at the VA yesterday. Not having to take the time to get the stroller out of the trunk, open it, and then remove her from her carseat and situate her in the stroller would have been a blessing.

  8. The price kind of gave me sticker shock, but as I read your review, it sounds like there is some good value in this car seat.

  9. That car seat is amazing it’s great how you’ll not require a stroller and car seat. Thanks for sharing this

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