The Mom Approved Manicure: ColorStreet Nails

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Ever wonder if there was a mom approved manicure and pedicure routine? Well wonder no more: ColorStreet nails are perfect for the busy mom! These 100% nail polish stickers reduce the cost of a trip to the salon and time to get your nails done. If you love that feeling of freshly painted nails but need a quicker, cheaper and easier solution check out ColorStreet nails!

ColorStreet Nail Strips
ColorStreet Nail Color: Glamsterdam

When I was in my teen years, I loved getting my nails done! Fast forward into adulthood and mamahood and I stopped doing my nails altogether. Its not that I didn’t enjoy it, it just didn’t seem as practical. The costs, the time, the fact that it didn’t last. For all these reasons, I stuck to the occasional pedicure and let my nails remain plain and uncolored.

A good friend of mine became a ColorStreet consultant and I wanted to know more in support of her new business venture. HOWEVER, once she got done explaining everything to me I was hooked and knew I had to try them! What really got me was the technology behind how they work. They really did give a professional quality manicure for a fraction of the cost and done in a fraction of the time. I could do my own nails in my own home after bedtime when most salons were closed?! #MomWin & sign me up!

ColorStreet nail pack (back)

Now for the real kicker, ColorStreet nails skip the complicated and messy process so that I can continue to get things done. Whether this is caring for the newborn or just keep the train of life moving. No accidental spills, smudging or funky nail jobs. The application is truly simple and easy to do: just peel and stick! If you’ve painted your own nails, you know how challenging it can be to paint a professional level manicure, especially when using your non dominant hand. These color strips allow for a consistent salon-worthy paint job on every nail, every time.

What is included in the Color Street nail pack:

color street nail file and alcohol pad

  1. 16 nail strips (two of each of the 8 sizes)
  2. 1 Alcohol pad
  3. 1 Mini nail file

Getting Started:

To get started in apply your set of ColorStreet nails, gather up a few tools. The optional tools are just that, but I found them to help finish out the look.

  • Nail polish remover (if applicable)
  • ColorStreet Nail pack
  • Cuticle pusher (optional)

ColorStreet Glamsterdam Nail Strips

I liked using the cuticle pusher to no only push my cuticles back before getting started, but to smooth the nail strip down once applied. It is totally not necessary, the pressure from your finger is good enough, but using the cuticle pusher gave me that extra sense of getting the job done.

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How to apply ColorStreet nail strips:

  1. Remove any nail polish you may already have on.
  2. Wipe nails with alcohol pad.
  3. Find the nail strip that best fits your nail.
  4. Remove plastic cover.
  5. Use the silver tab to remove nail polish strip from paper.
  6. Remove the silver tab from the end of the strip and decide which end you will use.
  7. Apply to nail and gently stretch to fit.
  8. Gently file away excess or use fingernail to perforate.

Color Street Application Video

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As I did research into the company there were several other things that caught my attention. A few of them being, that the product is 100% nail polish (it even smells like nail polish when you remove the clear plastic). Also when looking over their about me page, I felt I really got to know the founder Fa Park. His story is truly inspiring – one of perseverance and sacrifice. He really believed in his product and refused to sell off the technology along the 20 year journey. I’m glad he held onto the vision he had, because at this point he has come a very long way!

my color street manicure

I applied the Glamsterdam set after bedtime last night. I was surprised at how easy it was to apply. The strips are very forgiving! Since this was my first time applying I was expecting a steep learning curve. But I was able to adjust the strips and was very impressed with the finished product!

As a mom, a solution that gets me a salon quality manicure or pedicure needs to not only be high quality, but also affordable, easy to achieve, and relatively quick – a tall order I know! However, after giving Color Street nails a try, I’ve found that they really do live up to the hype and solve the problems moms face with getting their nails done.

Color Street has several prints, solids, and glitter designs that cater to a wide range of styles. If you are a mom or a woman on the go, I highly recommend giving them a tryYou will be impressed!

Have you heard of ColorStreet? How do you feel about a peel and stick manicure/pedicure?

19 thoughts on “The Mom Approved Manicure: ColorStreet Nails

    1. Awesome! Sally Hansen (found in some grocery/ convenient stores) sells some that uses the same technology or you can use the link above to buy through a consultant.

  1. I’ve never heard of these but this is so cool! How long do they last? My poor hands and feet have been looking not cute since I became a mom!

  2. I just started using these and I’m loving them! Thank you for sharing some great tips on application.

  3. Tisha thank you for this wonderful review color street really is a game changer as a consultant myself i have loved seeing the smiles that color street brings, as well as their astonishment when they see how amazing these strips are

  4. I’m so glad I was introduced to Color Street in 2018. I was a huge nail bitter and now my nails have never looked so long and good. I fianlly became a consultant a year after using them. I love everything about them ans the story of how they have come to be. Mr. Park our creator and founder is simply brilliant.

  5. Hi there! I recently started selling Color Street and wondered if you mind if I share your blog article and quote on my social media pages? Its a great article and the perfect message I am trying to convey to my connections 🙂

    Thank you!!

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