Hugaboo Infant Seat Review

baby sitting in hugaboo infant seat

Babies come with all the things! Even though this is not my first time around with babies, it still amazes me. However, this time around, I decided to take a more proactive approach and only acquire the bare minimum. The Hugaboo is a clever item and I was happy to accept this product for my baby girl to review. If you have a little one I hope you find this review helpful.

While I did receive the Hugaboo as a gift in exchange for my personal review, all opinions expressed in this post are my own, honest opinions.

hugaboo infant seat

What is a Hugaboo?

The Hugaboo is a plush infant sitting chair designed to support babies as they play in the sitting position. This is ideal for  babies that can hold their head up and may not be able to sit on their own, but can be used for infants between 3 and 11 months.

My littlest one is 5 months this week and she is so ready to sit up and do things on her own. When I sat her down in this  seat she immediately loved it! I admit I have not had anything like this when my other children were babies and I honestly did not know what to expect. If this is just a pillow-like seat won’t it just topple over?

While I would consider this plush seat to be similar in shape and size to a pillow (roughly the size of a Boppy), is totally different in that it is firm and very supportive.

How does the Hugaboo work?

Step 1: Flip the Hugaboo seat over and unsnap the first two snaps (one on the left and one on the right)

bottom of hugaboo infant seat

Step 2: Place the Hugaboo on the floor towards you. Holding your baby under their arms, gently place them in the seat.

Step 3: Supporting the back of your baby, use your free hand to move their leg in the appropriate leg opening and repeat for their other leg.

Step 4: Re-snap the two snaps underneath the seat.

baby sitting in hugaboo infant seat playing with toy attached

*Bonus step: attach a toy to one the toy hooks in the front of the seat. My little one having a toy right in front of her to play with!

Hugaboo Key Features

  • Machine washable which makes this seat easy to keep clean.
  • Trendy designs to choose from. Pictured is the Pink and Mocha print. I also love the Chevron print!
  • Two toy hooks for this type of toy to attach to the seat and baby to play with while sitting.
  • Portable and lightweight making transport simple and easy.

baby hugging toy in hugaboo infant seat

The Hugaboo infant seat really is as snug as a hug! When the baby is sitting in this seat they are fully supported 360 degree. I know this because even once she figured out how to wiggle herself around, she was still very much held in place!

Hugaboo: the next best thing to being in mom’s arms.

My only concern is how the filling of the seat stands up against the test of time. If it is like the Boppy pillow it will flatten out some but still be usable. Something tells me that it will remain firm though. It seems tougher at the outset than a Boppy and since the firmness leads to the back support for baby, I would imagine this California designed piece has thought that through.

Overall the Hugaboo is a well designed product that my 5 month old very much enjoys. She was borderline about to start fussing (we were close to bed time) when I decided we should give the seat a try. I sat her in it and would you believe it totally changed her attitude! I bet she felt a new sense of independence in her chair!

I would recommend the Hugaboo to parents and caregivers of infant children. For time sitting with your little one on the floor, the Hugaboo offers a way for you to have your hands free and still have your little one sit even if they can’t fully do it on their own yet. If you are planning or will be attending a baby shower, the Hugaboo infant seat makes for a great gift. It is available for on or through the Hugaboo website.

Have you tried the Hugaboo? If not, what other infant seats did you use for your baby?

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  1. it’s amazing how many new products there are for infants now! My friend just had a baby boy within the week, I’ll have to share this post with him and his wife… thanks!

  2. My kids are much older and I don’t recall this type of cool chair being available. Now my princess granddaughter has had these type of seats before and it does offer fantastic support.

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