10 of the Best Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

musical instrument: guitar

Let the record reflect that I am a music lover! On the blog here, you may have picked that up as I frequently share songs and write on them. As the holiday season kicks into full gear, and I begin shopping for my coffee lover, I thought to put together a list of gift ideas for those that love music.

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Musical Instruments

Whether they play music or not, having an musical instrument can warm a music lovers heart. Maybe they have always wanted to learn to play the keyboard or maybe they want to have one handy for when their musical friends come to visit. In either case, when not in use, the instrument can make a lovely decor item as well.


ukelele and case

Music Related Decor

Speaking of decor, musicians love to decorate their homes with musical trinkets of all sorts. Wall art, picture frames, or other musical trinkets allow for a custom home experience. My favorite these days are art pieces made with song lyrics.
music note wall art

Musical Equipment

Having a musical instrument is not enough, you need all the things. Think speakers, mics, headphones or maybe even a karaoke machine. I received this gadget as a birthday gift one year and nothing warms my heart more to see my kids enjoying it as well! Whatever can enhance the music listening, creating or playing experience, music lovers will be sure to love it.

yeti mic

echo smart speaker, plays music, etc.

Music Note Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is a way for a person to showcase their style (and at times their beliefs) without saying a word. A cute piece of jewelry will last for decades if you choose wisely. Music notes and sound waves are trendy and meaningful for an audiophile.

music note silver bracelet

music is life silver necklace with notes

Music Themed Mugs

A good mug is not just for coffee lovers! But anyone who loves a good hot drink! Tea, coffee, hot chocolate? In the winter months and for those early mornings, music fans will need a good mug just as much as the next person!

without music life would be flat musical mug

music not mug


Well of course a music lover would love the gift of music! A new CD or music download may seem obvious but people don’t give these gifts like they used to. If you have a sense of their style, consider finding an indie artist and exposing them to new music. A musical DVD will do the trick as well. If you want to splurge a bit, consider concert tickets.

the greatest showman (musical) dvd

Jesus is king, music CD Kanye west

Song Games

Most music fans like to have a good time. This is not just at concerts but in life in general. Pair music with a game night and you are sure to be onto something!

spontaneous musical game

Music Themed Clothing/Accessories

Clothing, like a nice piece of jewelry, can allow music fans to show their love and support with out opening their mouths. Nowadays there are some really funny t-shirts that music fanatics will get a kick out of.

music note scarf

a day without music is like, just kidding I have no idea t-shirt


Don’t underestimate a music lover’s love for books. Just because they enjoy jamming out to some tunes, does not mean they don’t enjoy winding down with a good book. Consider a nonfiction book that brings a scientific explanation to their hobby. You may even find a good biography on their favorite artist. Bonus points for gifting them audible for them to listen to an audio book.


your brain on music book

mixtape of my life creative journal

Music Streaming Subscriptions

Chances are if your friend of family member is passionate about music, they likely already have a subscription to some place. It they don’t they like have a free trial about to expire, lol. In any case, giving the gift of a music subscription will give them the opportunity to try a new platform and potentially discover new music. I have been using Pandora since college (circa 2007). I love streaming music on Pandora. Once day I decided to try Spotify and was amazed at not only the new songs but new artists in the rotation.

A true music lover, loves all things music, all the time.  These 10 gift ideas will hopefully inspire you to find the perfect gift for the music fanatic in your life. If you want to win extra points, put together a gift basket filled many of the above items listed. Throw in a couple of these beauties and bam. Best. Gift. Ever!

Are you a music lover? What gifts make you happy? If not, what gifts would you buy for the music admirer in your life?

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