Don’t Just Read the Word, Do These 6 Things As Well

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Reading the word the Bible is everything for the believer. It contains the very words of God and is the foundation of the Christian faith. It is our guidebook. It keeps us on track and in line with God’s will or plan for our life. The ancient text that has stood through the test of time, hold timeless wisdom and is very relevant to us today.

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We know we should read our bible, not just on Sunday while the pastor preaches, but daily. Challenging as it may be to build this new habit, the importance of it cannot be ignored.

As I work to making bible reading a part of my daily routine, I can’t help but think of the other ways that are beneficial.

While we aim to read the word, let’s not forget to do these few things as well. They will help seed a deeper love, appreciation, knowledge and experience with the Bible that will grow our faith to new levels.

Write the word.

Studies have shown that using a pen and paper to write things down improves memory. Of all the things to remember, the principles and precepts of God, are the most important in a believer’s life. Therefore write. it. down. I started using the Write the Word journal and am absolutely loving it!

Pray the word.

Sometimes when going through trying situations, we don’t know how or what to pray. Complicated messes, disturbing situations, these things don’t come with a how to get through manual. Using the word of God to ask for help, understanding of truth, or fulfillment of a promise (provision, healing, joy, etc.) will keep you in alignment with God and literally give you the words to pray.

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Speak the word.

Each person has a history before God came into their lives, and in that space there likely was hurt and all sorts of things. If I can be honest, some pieces of scripture may be hard to believe depending on your story and how circumstances currently look in your life. Speaking the word is a way to affirm yourself in the truth of the Bible. Say it out loud. Let your ears hear if for themselves.

 So if the Son sets me free, I will be free indeed.
(John 8:36)

Meditate on the word.

To meditate on the word is more than just to read it with your eyes. It is the constant chewing and re-chewing of the word. It means taking a particular scripture or passive and reading and thinking on it several times over. Engaging your mind as your read the word morning, noon, and night. It’s amazing to find that the more you meditate on the word of God the richer and deeper it becomes. How many times have you been blessed by John 3:16? It won’t stop. Ever.

Do the word.

As we aim to have longevity as a Christian, reading the word has to be the launching pad, not the arrival point. We must put the words we read into action. If we truly believe, we will act on what we have learned. This experience helps us to understand the word on another level.

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Share the word.

Finally, share the word. This is a command to us in scripture and is yet another way for the words of God to grow deeper roots in our heart. Family, friends, co-workers, even other church members need encouragement on this journey of life. If God can use a donkey (as He did in the Old Testament), He can use you and I! We can simply provide a scripture of hope or peace to someone going through a tough time.




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  1. I love this post, Tisha. It can be easy to make Bible reading something we check off a list. When in reality, we really need it to become part of who we are, and these are great steps to make that happen. Thanks for linking up with us at Grace and Truth this week.

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