How to Host a Successful ColorStreet Party

colorstreet nail manicure set

ColorStreet nails are everything! When I was first introduced to the concept of peel and stick nail polish I had to try and I am so glad I did! Deciding to host a party would hopefully allow me to earn free products so I gave it a try. Professional manicure + affordable costs + beautiful designs is a win for me!

ColorStreet is a MLM and uses consultants know as stylists to market and sell their products. The stylists will host either catalog, Facebook, or in-person parties to demonstrate and showcase the trendy nail designs and patterns.

I recently hosted a party via Facebook and was pleased that the party not only qualified, but closed in at $344 in sales! If you’ve ever hosted one of these online parties, you know that although they can be easy, they not always are. Especially in the case of changing algorithms and busy people.

So here is EXACTLY what I did to have a successful party.

Manchester Mauve nail set earned for hosting a Color Street nail bar party
Manchester Mauve nail set I earned for hosting a Color Street nail bar

Invite, Invite, Invite!

Yes this is obvious, you have to invite people to your party, BUT how will you invite them? DO NOT just head over to the event page and start adding people. First send them a personal message (PM) and ask if you can add them. This is not only polite and the right thing to do, it gives them a heads up about the party and introduces the product and gets the conversation going.

The stylist that I worked with suggested I aim for about 30 people. When I got stuck, I reached deep down and invited a few people who I was sure were going to say no. Wouldn’t you know they accepted the invite! You never know who may be interested so don’t be afraid to ask.

colorstreet invite through facebook messenger
Personal invite to a friend to join my ColorStreet Facebook party online

I also posted a quick note to my timeline where I asked friends if they have heard of Color Street and let them know that I was hosting a nail bar. What ended up happening was a few people commented on the post that they LOVED the nail sets and I proceeded to invite them to the party. I also personally reached out to anyone who liked or reacted to the post and asked if they would like an invite to the party.

Participate in the Party

Again it goes without saying that you should plan to check in on the party and participate. However, I urge you to pick a time during the day to check in and comment on EVERY. SINGLE. POST. Not only does this continuously bounce/ refresh the post and extend its lifetime, it also gives you the opportunity to keep the conversation going.

What to say on posts your stylist puts out:

  • Ask clarifying questions about the nail strips
  • Point out/ reiterate the information on a post that touches on questions your friends have asked you
  • General comments (if you are excited, slightly skeptical, confused – chances are you aren’t the only one and your comments will get people talking)

You can also add in you own posts. I did the following:

  1. Included a welcome message
  2. Screenshotted nail designs and tagged friends I thought would like it
  3. Explained how to apply the nails + picture (Your stylist will likely do this but it does not hurt to echo how easy it is to apply. This is key for those new to the concept.
  4. Posted pictures of the Twosie Challenge. The Twosie challenge is when you apply two free ColorStreet nails and paint the remaining nails with regular nail polish to see how they hold up against each other. HINT: ColorStreet wins!

Help Participants Get Samples

Holding a party online enables you to invite local and long-distance friends and family. In any case, help them to get a free sample.

When the stylist posts about samples, tag your friends if they are not already tagged in the post. If there are no hits after a day or so, post a comment that encourages your friends to take the stylist up on this free offer and see how you can help make that happen.

Both the stylist and I lived in the same town so I met her a few times to get a few samples to have on hand. I took some to church, and carried a few with me. Play dates, MOPS meetings, I was prepared!

Honestly, getting the participants of the party a sample was a GAME CHANGER for me! I was excited about the product once I understood how it worked, but once I tried ColorSteet, I was sold! I noticed that same light bulb go off each time I demoed the nails for my friends as well. Several of those that received a free sample, placed an order!

Color Street Nail Designs Pricing on deals
When you buy 3 nails sets, you will get one free! This is known as a party pack.

Paint the Picture (Pun Intended!)

If you have a holiday coming up (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas or even Birthdays), remind party guests that they can check a few gifts off their list by purchasing nails. My party was right before Christmas went into full effect (mid-November) but this didn’t stop me from hyping up the fact that I would be getting lots of people on my gift list nails. I encouraged party guests to do the same.

I went onto Pinterest and searched “ColorSteet Christmas”. The results brought up holiday nail designs, gift tags, and gift basket ideas. I screenshotted those and posted to the group. The party guests loved it! I even got a sale for one of the exact designs I posted!

Focusing on gift-giving is a great way to encourage participants to share the love they have for beautiful, professional nail designs and help you reach your goal.


Getting your ColorStreet party to qualify for rewards is simple but takes work. While you cannot force people to buy, you can encourage your friends and relatives to try out a set of nails and support you in your party. It is WORK, but it’s worth it!

Color Street hostess rewards
Hostess rewards with a qualifying nail bar. These are subject to change, so always check with your stylist regarding your party.

With my party, I was able to hit $344 in sales, which equated to $51 in free credit, 3 half priced items, and free shipping! That’s a good deal if you ask me!

I felt like Santa clause over the Christmas holiday! All of my kids’ teachers and several friends and family members received nails from me for Christmas! I really am enjoying the product and loved being able to give them away during the holiday season!





Have you ever hosted a ColorStreet Nail bar? How did it go? What did you do to see the party reach its sales goal?

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  1. I’ve never heard of ColorStreet nails before. I will have to check them out because I’ve been looking for a simple way to do my nails that looks professional. Thanks for sharing.

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