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Journaling is an art that is getting a lot of press these days – and for good reason. Journaling is a great way to center yourself to begin a new day with intention. This is especially true for those that incorporate journaling into their devotional time. Writing the word of God is a beautiful practice and when paired with journaling, it’s a great way to process the principles and precepts found in the Bible.

Choosing a scripture to meditate on during your quiet time is one of the most important elements in having a successful devotional. So what will you read? Proverbs, New Testament, Old Testament? One chapter, one verse? Ah!! You suddenly find yourself playing a round of Bible roulette. You know what I’m talking about, when you close your eyes and flip through the pages taking wherever you land on as the Lord’s will for you to read that morning.

Tell me I am not the only one that has done this! By using the Write the Word journal, your struggle to find what to read during your time is eliminated. For each day, a scripture already has been selected for you. You can stop and camp out on that scripture or you can take a trip around that chapter or book.

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Write the Word Journal for the win!

cultivate what matters packaging
This was the package I pulled out of the mailbox. Look how pretty! {Insert heart-eyes here!}

Each journal contains scriptures that are anchored by a theme. Before you select a journal, take inventory of where you are and what you would like to grow in. Or think about where you sometimes struggle. Then choose your word. Below is a list of the journal themes:

Can’t choose just one? Want to stock up on gifts for your friends, pastors or sanctuary sisters? You can purchase the All Seasons bundle. It includes 5 Write the Word journals: Faith, Hope, Joy, Renewal, and Contentment. The bundle offers a discount on the collection as well!

I received the Renewal journal as a gift from the Cultivate What Matters team in exchange for my honest review and will be referring to that one and giving a sneak peak later this post.

Some of the scriptures I have written out so far:

  • Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
  • 2 Corinthians 1:20-22
  • Philippians 2:14-18

How to Use the Journal

write the word journal, bible, cup of tea
Still very happy with my Rae Dunn tea mug find! It accompanied many journal sessions.

In a nutshell, here is what you need to get started:

  1. Your Bible
  2. Your writing tools
  3. A beverage of choice

Using the Write the Word Journal is a great way to dig into the word of God. By writing out the scriptures you have the opportunity to further meditate on the truth present in the scripture for that day.

For me, using my journal looked like, grabbing a smooth blue pen, a highlighter, my study bible I’ve had since college and a nice hot cup of tea!

I looked forward to getting up before the rest of the house and having a quiet time. Other not so perfect times, I would sneak away during quiet time in the afternoon to re-center myself and turn my eyes and heart heaven-ward.

Pro tip: download the Youversion app to your phone and you can quickly switch between different translations to see how to scripture is expressed in different versions.

Write the Word| Cultivate Renewal My Experience

Write the Word Journal Cultivate Renewal
Write the Word Journal Cultivate Renewal: Start Fresh

In college I filled journals like I was being paid. I enjoyed the process of writing and then the satisfaction of heading to the store to pick out a pretty new journal. It’s more than just paper; it’s a holder of all things that I am feeling. It is special.

As one who has seen and used many a journals, I was very impressed with the quality of the Write the Word journal. The vegan leather cover is very durable. The detailed art design and vibrant turquoise color make this very pleasing to look at. It almost sparked something on the inside. Anticipation, joy, calm. From the first look at the cover, I was ready to get writing.

As you open the journal you see the gold foiled print and more pretty details. Then, as you make your way to a new page, there is something o so satisfying as to how the journal lays flat.

On the left side you have:

  • Space for the date (Today is…)
  • Space to practice gratitude (I’m grateful for…)
  • Scripture for the day
  • Lines to write

On the right side you have:

  • Space to free write (On my heart today…)
  • Space to name your day (My word for today…)

While I aimed to write the Scriptures out and journal my thoughts each day, there were times that I just wrote scripture out. This was nice to be able to customize my usage of the Write the Word journal and take the freedom to use the journal how I saw fit for myself in the moment.

I also took the liberty to:

  • Add some color by highlighting words and phrases that stood out
  • Write out multiple versions of the same scriptures
  • Doodle just a little

BONUS: Write the Word Kids Edition

I discovered that there are two Write the Word journals geared specifically for children. They are:

I would love to give the Fruit of the Spirit journal a try for my kids. I have been wanting to teach my children about the fruit of the spirit and this would be a great aid and way to give them a bible reading routine of their own.

This will also be useful in the event I cannot sneak away for time alone to journal: the older children can write the word along side of me. Double win! The journals come with coloring pages, Bible bingo stickers, and more. Clearly this is destined to be a hit with any child, right?!

Conclusion + Discount Code

I thoroughly enjoyed testing out the write the word journal. I found it to be a very practical tool in cultivating a devotional time. Wasting energy and overthinking where to start was no longer a thing. I simply had to grab what I needed and open to the next page to begin.

I can tell the creators of this line were very intentional about the user’s experience with their product. As you open to gold printed text, beautiful color palettes, relevant scriptures, and a clean inviting page layout, you can not help but be eager to dive in. Not only into the pages of the journal but into the word of God.

To bring this review to a close, all in all, I give the Write the Word journal 5 out 5 stars! The Write the Word journal is a very practical way to not only get into the word of God but also meditate on it by writing out scriptures. The space to journal my thoughts and process the meaning, is a great way for me to deepens my faith and center my thoughts.

The Write the Word journal can be purchased from the Cultivate What Matters online shop and are also available on Amazon. Check out their other products as well! I have been using this goal planner and encouragement cards (similar) and can say that the quality of their products is A+ on every item I’ve used!

Use code ‘TISHA10’ for 10% when you purchase from the Cultivate What Matters online shop through May 10, 2021. Some exclusions apply.  




Do you ever journal scriptures or your prayers/thoughts?

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