Tisha’s Recommendations

  • EveryDollar – Budgeting app where you can track your expenses and keep a grip on your finances!
  • Blue host – Looking to launch a website or blog? Bluehost offers domains, hosting and all your other tech needs, as well as great customer service!
  • Productivity Boot Camp – This e-course provides practical ways to work smarter and not harder when it comes to crushing it as a wife, mom, household manager and more!
  • Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey’s condensed version on how to manage money. The principles outline here will set you up to build wealth my making your income work for you.
  • Walmart Grocery Pick Up – Shop from home, pick up at your local Way-Mart! Not only will you avoid the lines and impulse buys, you’ll also be able to shop faster and smarter. Try it now and get $10 off your order!
  • Buy Local 🙂 – You will be surprised how you can save by buying your produce locally. Not to mention it will taste a million times better than what you will find in the big chain markets. Consider not just fruits and veggie but meats as well.